Legacy - Sake Tattoo Crew
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The biggest tattoo studio in Europe with 21 available booths and 14 artists, which will gradually be increased, is located at Top Shop Mall in Chalandri, at the last floor! Undoubtedly the number seems impressive although is not the only reason for anybody to visit our studio! The quality of our members’ works, their variety of styles and techniques, their talent and skills and most important their spirit of serving the customers with the best possible way are some virtues that are indissolubly connected with SakeTattooCrew! Our shop has numerous times lettered in several Tattoo Convention Contests (39 awards in total) and seeks to participate in as many as possible Tattoo festivals and tattoo events to remain constantly active and of course to be improved and meet artist and customers from around the world! Realistic, graphic, lettering, geometrical, neotraditional, old school, oriental, from the most contemporary art styles till the most traditional, that the customer will chose to get on his skin, SakeTattooCrew guarantees the perfect outcome!

Apart from the strictly and purely artistic section the studio organizes various events such as tattoo parties, special thematic days where the artists don’t work with scheduled appointments but they use the first come first served pattern, participations in festivals and art exhibitions! The studio is hosting many artists from abroad and from other local studios in the form of guest spots! In addition the studio cooperates and interacts with a few companies such as Monster Energy, Sullen, Vodafone, Marlboro, Bic, Ray-Ban, Adidas, Vans etc.!  Furthermore our store has a great graffiti art team with artists that boost and enrich our activities, as well as highly educated and experienced staff for piercing art!

SakeTattooCrew Studio was founded in 2005 by the founder and owner graffiti artist Sake alongside with Orge Kalodimas whose presence was highly significant! Nowadays after 10 years in the business the results of our studio’s evolutionary journey indicate that the force of will and hard work are highly rewarding! Sake highlights in any case the importance of setting high goals and objectives and focus on achieving them, something that keeps teaching to the younger members of our crew as well! Our main aim is to always present great tattoo works and to ensure that people that visit us will be pleased, satisfied and happy!